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Let Your Kids' Inner Silly Out at The Second City Summer Camps!
In-person or online, learn from the comedy pros

Some of the world's funniest superstars got their start at world-famous comedy launching pad The Second City, and your child can be part of that all-star list, too! Shy kids. Class clowns. Curious kids. We welcome all types from all experience levels, and programming is led by top-notch performers and instructors who are experienced working with young students.

Why should my kids go to camp at The Second City?

Improv is a super power that teaches kids the skills they need to thrive in the classroom, on the playground, and sure, on the stage, too: listening, agreeing, imagination, emotional awareness, working collaboratively...the list goes on. Not to mention, it's tons of fun!

The Second City's in-person summer comedy camps are for kids ages 7-18. Here's the rundown of the fun for each age group:

Chicago Summer Comedy Camps (Ages 7-11)

Improv (9am-10:30am): Explore the "yes, and" fundamentals of improv! Develop skills like creative thinking, self-confidence, listening, brainstorming, and team building.

Writing & Storytelling (10:50am-12:20pm): Learn the art of storytelling, scene structure, and character development.

Clowning & Physical Comedy (12:50pm-2:20pm): Kids have the freedom of movement and self-expression...while also learning about slapstick comedy and how to theatrically control their gestures.

Theater Arts and Crafts (2:30pm-4:00pm): A guided-play experience to work on projects with fellow campers, like designing props and costumes, some of which will be used in their final productions.

Chicago Summer Comedy Camps (Ages 12-18)

Improv (9am-10:30am): Older kids explore the "yes, and" fundamentals of improv, too! Develop skills like creative thinking, self-confidence, listening, brainstorming, and team building.

Sketch Comedy (12pm-2:30pm): Learn the basics and develop original comedy sketches (we never call them skits!), the building blocks of any Second City show.

Stand-Up & Storytelling (2:45pm-4:00pm): Kids develop their personal style as a stand-up comedian or storyteller as they focus on developing material, stage presence, and delivery. Our oldest campers may present their material in an optional open mic on the final Friday of two-week camps.

*An optional Games & Movies session is available to campers in both age groups who would like to continue to 5:00pm.

Online Summer Camp

Virtual camp = real fun! Kids can experience real, live fun straight from The Second City to kids anywhere in the world! Online comedy camps engage campers for four hours of group fun and creativity. All you need is an internet connection and a camera!

The Second City's Summer Camps kick off June 14th! For ultimately flexibility, sessions are available as one or two-week camps. To register or for more information on pricing, schedule, or The Second City's commitment to staying safe this summer, please call 312-664-3959, email or visit


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