Mad Science Camp

Three Chicago locations
Chicago 60622
(773) 227-3345

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Mad Science Summer Camps

Weird mechanical machines; remote operating pinchers; beakers of eerie blue bubbling liquids; strange objects flying through the air; messages written in secret code; all terrain robots; a strange organ trail; mystery substances that change from solid to liquid in seconds. Is this a fictional account of a visit to another world? No... it's a Mad Science summer camp!

We are excited to announce our partnership with NASA and offer the only NASA endorsed Science camp in Chicago! Think and act like NASA innovators during this hands-on program. Use creative and collaborative skills to design a mission patch, train like an astronaut, and solve real-world engineering problems. How might space suit cooling tubes be used to solve a problem here on Earth? How might robotic arms help make our world a better place? Armed with the spark of an idea, a design notebook, and physical and digital tools, teams will modify NASA technology into Spinoff designs.

In addition to NASA camp, we are offering 4 other camp themes sure to inspire your Mad Scientist throughout the summer at locations all around Chicago.

Our camps are truly unique experiences and encompass all of the fun and excitement that people have come to expect from Mad Science. Each day offers a combination of in-class science discovery and exploration, outdoor games and hands-on applications of scientific principles. We use an inquiry-based technique that allows even the youngest camper to enjoy learning. In our camps, an emphasis is placed on trying new things, learning by doing, and enjoying the process of discovery and above all, having fun!

We continually update our curriculum and our dynamic qualified staff. Our camps are a sure way to get your kids "mad" about science! Campers can expect to create a variety of take-home projects, participate in snack-tivities, and explore how science affects the world around them. More information and registration available at our website -


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