The Country Experience at Amstutz Family Farm

115 Wind Mill Road
Elizabeth, IL 61028
(312) 852-7400

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Summer camp on the farm is a week-long sleepaway experience for 7-17 year-olds, full of meaningful fun where children connect with the substance of their character and develop a greater sense of the world. We use hands-on experiences and real-world tools to build an appreciation for the value of time and effort, a respect for life and nature, and development of important life skills including communication, responsibility, decision-making, teamwork, and respect for self and others.

Our goal, at the end of a week of camp, is for your child to move a step closer to becoming themselves, confident, caring, curious, compassionate young people. In a world of amazing opportunities, children have limitless chances to learn information and facts about things, but so few spaces to understand who they are. We've prepared the farm experience for discovery, new friends, and the important work of creating self.

The daily flow of camp is determined by the natural needs of the farm - animals require care, vegetables are ready to be harvested, structures need repair. Campers take on a meaningful, hands-on role as they work and play side by side with adults, each with value in the community and an opportunity to discover new interests and passions.

Following each meal, we meet to divide up "chores," the small tasks required for the farm to function - dishes, watering gardens, feeding animals, cleaning the barn, all in groups of 4 or so. Chores are natural and make sense, on a farm and in a home, and children rise to the responsibility.

Projects are many children's favorite part of the day. The choices, such as moving animals through pastures or baking with freshly harvested cherries, vary according to what's in season and the ever-changing needs of the farm. The age-appropriate options show children that their work is purposeful and offers an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the farm.

After work has come to a natural endpoint, we all have freedom to just be on the farm and in nature. Creativity blossoms when children entertain themselves, outside, on a 34-acre stage.


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