Red Clay Dance Company

808 E 63rd St .
Chicago 60637
(773) 624-8411

The Red Clay School of Dance exists to ensure that dancers of all skill levels have barrier-free access to high-quality, comprehensive dance training and artistic mentorship.

The Youth Pre-Professional Training Program is designed to provide exceptional training for dancers across a wide variety of dance forms. Each year students in the pre-professional training program will take a minimum of three core courses in African Diasporic Dance. For example, level 1 students train in Classical West African, Dunham and Tap.

Additionally, students choose from a variety of elective coursework in dance forms and somatic practices such as Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, Pilates, and Yoga to round out their training. This program is for youth ages 8-17. Spring Semester students will audition to work with choreographers in preparation for our annual DANCE4PEACE concert.

DANCE4PEACE is a celebratory, professional performance opportunity for School of Dance students in the youth pre-professional program. This showcase consists of choreographic works from guest artists, alongside student created work developed, throughout the year.

Graduates of the Red Clay School of Dance are prepared to enter rigorous pre-professional dance programs or begin a career in the concert dance field. Our training fortifies technical mastery in Classical West African and African Diasporic Dances, contemporary techniques in artistry and performance, and is supplemented with ballet, modern, and other dance forms.

The Spring Semester for the youth pre-professional training program is open now and will close February 4, 2023. Enrollment ends February 4, 2023. Start your enrollment journey today and sign up for the Activate your Excellence workshop today!


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