Brooklyn Robot Foundry

Brooklyn based 11231
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Brooklyn Robot Foundry offers a variety of engaging, online, robot-building classes for 2-13 years old! All classes maintain a very low student-to-teacher ratio, allowing for plenty of individualized instruction and socializing. Materials for all classes will be shipped to students before the session begins.

  • Robot Builders (6-8 & 9-12 year olds): This is the online version of the Robot Foundry's popular after school classes, featuring a brand new robot project each week. Students will be introduced to basic engineering concepts and components through both traditional instruction and hands-on learning. Fun and creativity are highly encouraged!
  • Robot Coders (9-13 year olds): These classes combine the hands-on learning experience of robot-building with basic programming. Students will use the Hummingbird app to code and bring their robot creations to life each week. Due to the complexity of these projects, classes run 1.5 - 2 hours.
  • Robot Inventors (8-12 year olds): These classes are intended for children who enjoy the challenge of designing their own creations and trying to make them actually work! Students will be introduced to various building techniques and parts, and given starter ideas. They will then work on their own project each week in this trial and error-based class.
  • Mini Makers (2-5yr olds + grown-up): Mini Makers classes introduce engineering fundamentals in a super engaging, age-appropriate manner. Children will get to build a robot each week (with help from their grown-ups), which they can continue to play with long after class is over. There are four completely different 4-week sessions, which can be taken in any combination and order.
  • STEAM RoboLab: Science (6-12 year olds): Students will gain a deeper understanding of the science curriculum for select grades with the help of what else, but robots! This class will serve as a supplement to classroom science, allowing for the inquiry-based, hands-on lab experience that most schools can not accomplish during remote/hybrid learning.
  • STEAM RoboLab: Art (6-12 year olds): Each week, students will study a different artist or genre, and then work on their own project in which they can explore and experiment within each style themselves. This is an immersive, hands-on, art class for students of all abilities.
  • One Time Classes (6-10 years old): These single, stand-alone classes can serve as a great introduction for students new to the Robot Foundry, as a supplement to existing students who just want to build more projects, or as a mini-session of your own scheduling when combined together. The components for each robot you choose will be sent to your home, so your child will be all set to build with us on the day of the class.
The Foundry also offers super fun online parties for both children and adults!


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