Therapeutic Tutoring

(773) 665-8052 ext. 4

Now offered online and with immediate openings, Therapeutic Tutoring provides academic tutoring (understanding and learning academic concepts and ideas) in a therapeutic context (addressing children’s feelings surrounding school.) It is an effective and comprehensive solution for children ages 6-14 who may struggle with learning or the changes surrounding the upcoming school year. It’s especially effective for children who:

  • Do not follow through and complete assignments and projects
  • Have difficulty paying attention in some classes
  • Have reduced motivation for school and declining grades
  • Have anxiety and/or depression
  • Have emotional and/or social stress that is affecting school performance or low self-esteem when it comes to learning

At Smart Love Family Services, your child will be supported by a professional with educational and mental health training to provide high-quality tutoring, while also working to increase your child’s motivation, improve attention and concentration, build organizational and planning skills, decrease school avoidance and anxiety, and access their innate strengths.

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