Lookingglass Virtual Summer Camps

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School’s out! The sky’s ablaze! A season for discovering ways Lookingglass plays. Typically, called “Summer,” we think of it as “Now.” “Now” is the season to engage your child (Grades K-12) in something special, memorable. “Now” is the season to encourage them to use their whole bodies and whole hearts to find themselves in new light. “Now” is the season to take total advantage of a homegrown, Tony-Award winning institution, staffed with groundbreaking artists, educators, and craftspeople, in order to help develop your child’s empathy, resilience, creativity, social skills, physical dexterity, and countless intangibles that will set them on-course for a fuller and more purposeful life. But above all, at the end of the day, “Now” is the season for FUN AND PLAY!

A variety of camps are available for grades K-12.


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