Music House School of Performing Arts

West Rogers Park and Humboldt Park
(773) 761-1059

Music House School of Performing Arts is dedicated to inspiring artistry in young minds. We believe that cultivating creativity is essential in the development of the brain and exposes students to their potential in a new and fun way.

Music House School of Performing Arts is offering private online lessons in all instruments including violin, piano, guitar, ukulele, voice, cello, and drums. Our instructors are experienced in engaging students of all ages. We believe that learning an instrument must be fun- sometimes this means playing games in the lesson which motivate students to reach goals and enjoy learning along the way. Your musician will have the opportunity to take advantage of weekly 30 minute group practice sessions at no additional cost, where they will engage socially with other young musicians and support one another in the learning process.

Every week parents will receive notes on how their child did in class, homework and practice for the week, and your child will receive stars for completing assignments, which later turn into rewards! Stars will also be awarded to students who show up to group class, private lesson, workshops, and more. This year, we want students to see that there is more to being successful than just practicing, or just showing up to class. We want them to see all of the ingredients that make up the recipe for success!

Music House is also offering Music Together Classes for 0-5 year olds. Music Together classes aim to foster familial bonding and love, while developing the child’s love and ability to make music. Music Together classes also help children develop in other areas, such as literacy, self-expression, and aural and motor skills. Music Together classes open up the world of music for your child through playful, developmentally appropriate activities. Best of all, kids and adults have lots of fun!


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