Lumiere Children's Therapy

1500 N Clybourn Ave, Suite C-105
Chicago 60610
(312) 242-1665

Lumiere Children’s Therapy was founded on the belief that we all have strengths and weaknesses. We believe that education, collaboration, and trust can illuminate the road ahead - one that is built on hope, fortified with knowledge and lit by the beacons of our core values:

BELIEVE: Having faith in our children's potential. "It's possible. You've got this. Win, win, win!"

CONNECT: Making family goals our goals, and working together in a loving environment

TEACH & LEARN: Sharing what we each know in a relaxing and nurturing setting aiming towards graduating milestones

HAVE FUN: Let's play! Helping children create magic moments

We help your family on the journey with empathy, honesty and expertise. Lumiere offers Speech/Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Developmental Therapy, Social Work/Behavioral Therapy and Physical Therapy. Our PROVEN PROCESS and team approach expertly addresses your child's needs in a nurturing and loving environment. What sets us apart? Our therapists are all Masters or PhD level certified; we offer a 1:1 child/teacher ratio for intimate, focused learning and we take pride in our quality programs and curriculums.

Our customized therapeutic groups offer individualized attention via small group class environments and support your child's developmental needs based on age and skill level. Our THERAPEUTIC GROUPS include Social Clubs, Reading Groups, Handwriting Groups, Feeding Groups, and Physical Therapy Groups including Parent/Tot movement classes, Yoga Series and even a Bicycle Riding class. Browse all of our therapeutic groups.

We also offer a THERAPEUTIC PRESCHOOL. This is a comprehensive program aligned with Early Learning State Standards offering a play-based curriculum. Our small class sizes allow for more intimate instruction and our SENSORY GYM allows children to regulate their bodies before beginning academic tasks. We are committed to Developmentally Appropriate Practices.

Ultimately, Lumiere aims for as much independence for you and your child as possible. Our top priority is blending your family's goals with our clinical expertise and knowledge to provide a blueprint for growth, true connection and trust. Contact us today to inquire about a FREE TRIAL class or screening for your child.


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