Neurokitchen's Curiosity Club Code Camp

3502 N. Elston Ave
Chicago 60618
(773) 430-8026

Curiosity Club is a full day summer camp where kids explore art and science. Each day we delve into our theme, this year CODE exploring physically, imaginatively and intellectually. Kids will also make their own movies.

We will play with secret codes, cryptology, historic codes, website building, computer coding, website building, visual codes, social codes, mysterious codes .

The basic daily schedule begins with meditation and movement, leads to science experiments and research, breaks for lunch, evolves into peer led sharing games, connects to an art project, closes with release and reflection.

The session will culminate in a kid-hosted showing including a science fair, art gallery, and screening of the movies they create.

Workshops are kept small on purpose so the kids have freedom and flexibility to initiate projects.


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