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Room Escape Adventures

408 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago 60605
(470) 236-2699

Room Escape Adventures offers parties for ages 8 and up, with one adult required for every 6 children and a maximum of 12 per room. Room Escape Adventures is a full on comedic relief that will provide your party with laughs and memories for years to come.

In “Trapped in a Room with a Zombie,” your guests must solve puzzles, clues and riddles in order to escape Dr Oxy's clutches! Every five minutes a buzzer goes off, and his chain gets a foot longer! See if your group has what it takes to out-wit this Zombie, or become dinner. And “Still Hungry” is a- pulse pounding comedy, where Dr. Oxy is back and Still Hungry! Solve the puzzles, clues and riddles before the 60 minutes is up in order to escape Dr Oxy's clutches once again!


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