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Kids Science Labs

1500 N. Kingsbury
Chicago 60642
(312) 846-1426

Kids Science Labs (“KSL”) are kid-focused science learning centers, which provide hands-on fun, problem solving, and creative design to kids ages 2-12.

Join us for Friday Night Weird Science, afternoon science demos, come in for an individual session, or invite up to 15 of your friends to join you for an unforgettable birthday experience! Our mysteries of science birthday parties are amazing, allowing kids to experience exciting, action packed, hands-on science. Themes include: catapults & castles, fruit smashanamics, rocket launch, volcanoes and tornados, and a very sustainable green party. Our dedicated science staff will work with you to customize your party with challenges and take home creations. Additionally, our parent lounge allows you to relax, enjoy your child's birthday, and even watch the game on Sat.

See how your kids will love and benefit from KSL at You can register online and drop-off via our free indoor heated parking garage.


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