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The Richardson Farm

9407 Richardson Road
Spring Grove 60081
(815) 675-9729

This is the World’s Largest Corn Maze, but don’t let the size scare you. The maze is designed in sections of smaller mazes so you can do as much as you want and then get out easily. The smallest part has quiz questions to help guide you through and usually takes under half an hour to complete. The mazes are not one way in and one way out. The trails loop around and connect so it’s relatively easy to get out of even our most complex maze. Finding all the checkpoints is the real challenge!

Other features include:

  • 5 mazes, 33 acres of maze fields
  • Finger Fortune Maze Game
  • 50’ tall observation tower
  • Zip Line - 30' high and 700' long - Now Open! - $15.00 - Signed Waiver Required (View waiver) Weight requirement: 70 - 270 lbs.
  • 50’ long slide
  • Beautiful wooded picnic area (Reserve a table here)
  • Free Campfires – remember marshmallows (Reserve a table here)
  • 3 wooden bridges (16’ long and 8’ high) in the corn maze
  • Pedal carts
  • Pedal trikes
  • Feed the Goats
And much more!


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