2021 Back to School Guide

After an unprecedented 2020-2021 school year, parents and kids are looking forward to the 2021 school year in a way they could never have imagined. We've gathered resources to help parents navigate the regular and new challenges they're facing going back to school this year.

What Does "Kindergarten Ready" Really Mean?
Contributed by Kiddie Academy
The term "kindergarten ready" is everywhere, and unless you're an education professional it can be hard to know exactly what it looks like. If you're wondering whether your kiddo is focused on all the right things, you're not alone. From the time your toddler waddles along to the summer before kindergarten, there are things you may not even know they're learning that will support their success in the kindergarten classroom. Read more...

Understanding What Quality Early Education Looks Like
Contributed by Bright Horizons
You're searching for daycare, looking specifically for a program that includes a strong learning component, such as a full educational curriculum. What do you need to know? Read more...

'Mommy, I Don't Like School.'
Contributed by Smart Love Preschool
As children go back to school and adjust to their new routines, their parents are also adjusting. With the transition from summer break to school comes a lot of feelings for children, from excitement and happiness to anxiety and disappointments about friends, coursework, teachers, and so much more. So how do parents help their children with their emotions? Read more...


While most students will be back in the classroom this Fall, our Tutoring and E-Learning resources still provide valuable information for parents regarding tutoring resources, online learning information, homeschooling and more.

Find a local or national tutoring resource to help with your child's tutoring needs, either in-person or virtually.

These resources help parents navigate the new concept of pod learning, including helping parents connect with each other to form pods, and to connect with educators and tutors to facilitate their pods' learning needs.

These online learning and educational resources can help support your child academically with remote learning.