2/16/2024 to 4/21/2024

Titanic: The Exhibition

Westfield Old Orchard
4963 Old Orchard Shopping Center

Embark on an immersive, interactive tour of the Titanic with vast, jaw-dropping recreations of the ship’s interior and exterior. Visit the dock from where the Titanic first sailed, explore the galleries and boiler room, take a look inside a millionaire’s suite, stroll the exterior promenade deck under a starry night sky, and see the Grand Staircase with your own eyes.

Take on the name of a real passenger and discover their individual story as told through relics of the past. Hundreds of artifacts from the Titanic and her sister ships tell the latest details of the Titanic’s sinking and discovery: see recovered items, authentic White Star Line objects, and even props and costumes from James Cameron’s famous 1997 feature film.

Get a glimpse at how it felt to discover the sunken remains of the Titanic. Walk above a sea floor complete with sand and broken artifacts, see what discovery teams saw during their dives, and enjoy a unique VR experience providing a new perspective on the ship’s downfall.

Time: Choose your time slot

Cost: Adults from $33, Ages 4-12 $22, see web site for more ticket pricing.

Ages: All ages


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