1/26/2024 to 3/31/2024

Turtel Onli: The Black Age of Comics

Cafe Logan at the Logan Art Center
915 E 60th

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Black Age of Comics is a graphic novel movement dedicated to the promotion, creation, and support of Afrocentric comic books and graphic novels. Launched with a convention in 1993 by Chicago artist Turtel Onli, the Black Age of Comics celebrates creators & products derived of the Black, Urbane, Alternative, or African experience. The term riffs off the period language from the comics industry in America to discuss eras of production like the Golden Age (1938-1950) or the Silver Age (1956-1970). Existing outside the mainstream comic book industry, the Black Age aims at expansion - to include artists that create material from a black or African perspective.

Time: 8am–10pm daily

Cost: FREE

Ages: All ages


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