11/22/2017 to 1/7/2018

ELF The Musical

The Paramount Theatre
23 E. Galena Blvd.
(630) 896-6666

If you’ve ever felt like you don’t belong, just be glad you’re not William “Buddy” Hobbes.

When he was only a baby, Buddy crawled into Santa’s sack of presents and was whisked away to the North Pole where he lived as an elf for years. Buddy grew up thinking he was just like all the others. He took joy in doing elf things, like making toys. But there was always something off about him. He towers over his fellow elves and just doesn’t get cobbling. Buddy soon realizes the truth about being … gulp … human and goes in search of his father, a workaholic publisher. Imagine Buddy’s horror when he finds out his dad does not share his love for Christmas. In fact, he couldn’t care less about it. But this is the infectiously-cheerful wannabe elf who grew up with jolly old St. Nick, and a little problem like that won’t deter Buddy from changing people’s hearts and minds.

Time: See web site for schedule

Cost: $36-$74

Ages: Ages 3 and up; 2 and under not admitted.


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