6/18/2024 to 7/14/2024


Chicago Shakespeare Theater
800 E. Grand Avenue
(312) 595-5600

Embark on a heartwarming adventure with the beloved bear whose button has gone missing, and he can’t go home with kindhearted Lisa without it. Follow Corduroy’s rollicking and delightfully destructive journey through the department store as he searches high and low—up escalators, and to the top of a teetering store display.

This 60-minute tale of friendship and belonging had its world premiere at the Tony Award-winning Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis in 2018. Now, esteemed Chicago director Amber Mak returns after last summer’s hit production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, bringing her wealth of experience directing shows for young audiences. “Corduroy is an enduring, lovable story of friendship, home, and being accepted just as you are today,” says Mak. “I am excited to bring these characters to life in a very fun, whimsical, and imaginative adventure that multi-generational audiences can experience together.”

Time: See web site for schedule

Cost: From $26

Ages: Ages 4 and up


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