Superhero Birthday Parties

Posted: May 22, 2015

There seems to be a renewed obsession with Superheroes lately, and if your little one wants to celebrate with a Superhero party, here are some great places to plan your themed bash!

POW! Kids
950 W Washington, Chicago
POW! Kids is a known destination for future Superheroes, offering classes for kids that build strength, confidence and skills... including Superhero Training classes! So it's no surprise that POW's signature party theme is the Superhero Party. Little Superheroes don capes and accessories, and choose an identity that provides them with powers to help them perform special feats. The instructor-led activities allow kids to use their powers to solve problems, tackle obstacles, and work as a team to outsmart the bad guys. After their training is complete, they enjoy birthday cake in the boxing ring.
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FireZone- The Firehouse Adventure For Kids
1100 National Pkwy, Schaumburg, 877-597-FIRE
These Superheroes are Firefighters! A Hero Party at the FireZone lets kids be little firefighters for the day. Hosted by real firefighters, kids are guided through a series of hands-on fire rescue activities. Kids slide down the pole; steer the big red fire truck to the emergency; spray water on the pretend fire; and even crawl beneath the smoke to "rescue" a little victim. Kids will gain valuable fire safety education while have fun playing the part of a real-life Hero.
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Emerald City
Emerald City's Little Theatre, 2933 N Southport Ave.
Theater Wit, 1229 W Belmont Ave, Chicago
773-529-2690 x16
Kids let their super powers come to life at a Superhero Party that's perfect for small people with heroic minds. Kids have a creative and fun experience using their imaginations to create fantastical characters, sing and dance to popular songs, and even write their own stories together. They'll design their own magic capes that offer special powers to help them rescue the audience from villains during a mini-performance at the end of the party. Parties are located at Emerald City's Little Theatre, Theater Wit, or at your own location.
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Purple Monkey Playroom
2040 N. Western Ave., Chicago, (773) 772-8411
Play space Purple Monkey Playroom offers Superhero bashes, complete with themed superhero balloon decorations, a cake sweet table, a build-your-own gift bag station, and a costumed character. Kids can dress up in capes to join in the fun.
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Kids Island
1358 W. Webster, Chicago, (773) 935-6060
The John Hancock and Sears Tower have been taken over by the villians what will Superman and Batman to do? Kids create their own special felt superhero cape, which they get to keep. Then, they each get a Superhero flyer, and after posing for a superhero photo op, they get to let em' fly. Then it's time for open play, including time in the indoor sandbox.
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1030 W. North Ave, 3rd Floor, Chicago, (312) 605-2555
Get your capes ready! This Superhero Birthday Bash gives little superheroes the chance to run, jump, and fly like their favorite superhero characters. Kids will get to dress the part by decorating their own superhero masks and capes and go incognito into superhero training in the gym. They'll then have the opportunity to emulate the skills of their favorite superheroes while testing their speed and agility with warm ups, web shooting, themed freeze dance and zip line flying.
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Pump It Up
821 W Eastman, Chicago, (312) 664-7867
Pump It Up Chicago offers a Superhero Training Camp Adventure Party, where your birthday child becomes the Hero of Honor for the day. Set to Super Hero themed music, caped staff guide kids through a series of Superhero training exercises to help them all become true Superheroes. Then the Superheroes complete their training, they'll each get a special Superhero I.D. card and mask - and the birthday child receives their own special Superhero Cap and Certificate of Completion.
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Bubbles Academy
1504 North Fremont, Chicago, (312) 944-7677
In this action-packed Superhero University party, we will learn all the skills needed to save the universe! Superhero students will spread their capes as they fly into the "training center" for lessons in super speed, morphing, balance, agility and strength.
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Play Pen Chicago
908 E. 47th Street, Chicago, (773) 268-2899
At these superhero parties, the fun begins as children, with the help of their parents, create custom superhero capes. When the capes are ready, it's on to the superhero agility course where the newly knighted superheroes can show their skills and test their agility and strength by punching and leaping.
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Liberyville Gymnastics Academy
2610 Commerce Drive, Libertyville, (847) 816-6618
Little superheroes will don capes and masks, then pose with a superhero cardboard cutout for a photo opp. Then it's into the gym for a quick warmup, and then the superhero activities begin. Kids get to run relay races with "kryptonite" on a spoon, jump on the trampoline, and do the superhero obstacle course where they'll "leap" over tall buildings, run over a wall and do somersaults. They'll even have the chance to "rescue" a beanie baby! Parties recommended for ages 3-4.
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95th Street Center
2244 West 95th Street, Naperville, (630) 864-3971
Kids can bring their X-ray vision, super powers and Spidey senses to this party so they don’t miss any of the fun! These parties for ages 4-8 start with a theme-related craft, and then guests will use their super hero strength for an hour of games and activities that include Find the Villain, Spidey Sense Obstacle course, Pass the Kryptonite, and more. This superhero adventure ends with a delicious cupcake cake provided by John Dough.
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Northbrook Park District Leisure Center
3323 Walters Avenue, Northbrook (847) 291·2995
The "Super Heroes Have a Bashery Party" for ages 4 & up invites guests to come as their favorite Super Heroes and be ready to flex their super powers. The kids start with a craft to decorate their own masks and capes, and then they progress through the Super Hero Academy, testing their skills at running faster than a locomotive, jumping over buildings in a single bound, and diffusing bombs. Young Super Heroes then try to catch up with villians who have stolen prizes, hunting for clues or having a Spiderman web hunt.
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Roselle Park District's Clauss Recreation Center
555 W. Bryn Mawr, Roselle, (630) 894-4200
A Super Hero Party at the Roselle Park District lets little ones come out and celebrate with their favorite Super Hero. Kids can choose the theme that they want for games and prizes, and then party with the hero of their choice - Spider Man, Superman, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more. For ages 3-12.
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Kroehler YMCA Naperville
34 S. Washington St., Naperville, (630) 420-6270
This superhero party for ages 3-9 is for kids who dream of being a superhero. Kids can design their own special superhero logo, play some superhero games, and then dress up like their favorite superhero for the party.
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Dance to Evolve
At your location, (773) 770-5327
Superheroes can get their groove on at this interactive dance party. Kids can wear their favorite superhero costume, and an instructor will lead them through different dance and game activities. The birthday child choose which evil character their friends will fight against, and the superheroes will track them down and have victory.
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