Hot Winter Theater - January Openings

Posted: January 27, 2017

There are lots of new family-friendly shows opening this month, offering plenty of options for entertainment while we wait for spring to arrive! Check out some of our top picks of these last winter season shows below, and see our Theater page for more options.

The Adventures of Robin Hood
Filament Theatre, 4041 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago
January 14 - March 19
Filament Theatre has created an experience that immerses audiences in the wildly inventive world of THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. From the moment they walk into the theatre, children of all ages are invited to step inside the world of the story with interactive lobby activities and an astoundingly creative and fast-paced production. Recommended for 7 and up. 11am & 3pm. $25.

Night Runner
DePaul's Merle Reskin Theatre, 60 E. Balbo Drive, Chicago
January 12 - February 18
This is the story of Cora, an enslaved 12-year-old, and the Night Runner, the mythic but dark figure who shows her the way. When a cruel slave owner arrives and snatches Cora's brother Marcus in exchange for debt, Cora flees to find him. In steps the legendary Night Runner, a fierce, fast-talking female superhero, who helps Cora escape to freedom and discover her own inner strength. Ages 9 and up. $10.

Lifeline Theater, 6912 N. Glenwood Ave., Chicago
January 14 - February 19
Forget what you think you know about the Tortoise and the Hare and take the time to make some new friends in a world premiere comedy that turns the world of Aesop’s fables on its ear.The true story starts with a wager with a devious Mouse and ends in a madcap dash through the wilds of Lion Country with a fortune in endorsements and merchandising on the line. 5 and up. Children under 2 are not permitted. Saturdays & Sundays at 11am & 1pm. $15.

The Hundred Dresses
Ruth Page Center for the Arts, 1016 North Dearborn St., Chicago
January 17 - February 12
The Hundred Dresses tells the story of Wanda Petronski, an imaginative young girl who struggles to fit in with her new American home – and harder yet, her new classmates. The Hundred Dresses is a timeless tale that explores the bonds of friendship, the willingness to be yourself, and the courage that it takes to stand up to others—even when you’re standing alone. Ages 6 and up. See web site for schedule. Adult $39, child $28.

Little Red Riding Hood
Chicago Kids Company at Beverly Arts Center, 2407 W. 111th, Chicago
January 19 - March 10
Don’t Stray From the Path! That’s the advice given to Little Red by her Mother. Sing along with Red and her friends as she travels through the forest to visit her Grandma. Kids will find out if she listens to her mother's words and gets to Grandma’s before the Big Bad Wolf. Ages 2-10. See web site for schedule. $12.

Peter and the Wolf
Northbrook Theatre for Young Audiences, 3323 Walters Avenue, Northbrook
January 21 - February 18
Peter and the Wolf is a colorful, musical adaptation of the classic tale based on the music of Prokofiev. This fresh adaptation features puppets and entertaining musical numbers. All ages. Saturdays at 10am and 1pm. $12.

Magic City
Chicago Children's Theatre The Station, 100 S. Racine Avenue, Chicago
January 31 - February 19
Manual Cinema’s Magic City tells the story of nine-year-old Philomena, whose great love is building miniature structures out of books, toys, and other found objects from around her house. After being made to live in the mansion of her sister's fiance, she wakes to find that the biggest miniature city she has ever built has come alive - and she steps through the gates to begin her adventure. Ages 7 and up. $25.

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