Best Virtual Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Posted: March 31, 2020

The Best Virtual Birthday Party Ideas for Kids during Coronavirus Quarantine

While the world takes a pause, kids will keep on having birthdays! It's more important than ever to do our best to make sure that kids have the best birthdays possible.

We've put together some ideas for having awesome virtual birthday parties during Coronavirus quarantine. While the words "party" and "social distancing" don't really work well together, there are still things you can do to make your kids' birthdays special!

We've pulled together suggestions for celebrating with family at home; for celebrating with family and friends; and for local resources that are still available to make for a memorable day. 

You can see our full resource of both in-person and virtual birthday party options in our party guide! Find Party Locations and Party Entertainment options!

Birthday Fun - At Home

  • Decorating the birthday child's room while they sleep for a morning surprise - pull out your old streamers and birthday signage, add photos and special items.
  • Give special homemade cards from family members.
  • Fun breakfast with their favorite foods. Break out the special pancake shapers!
  • Plan for a day filled with the birthday star's favorite games and activities.
  • Create a treasure hunt with sequential location clues, and a prize at the end.
  • Dress up fancy, creative and fun for the day, or for dinner.
  • Decorate a birthday dessert with photos. Print out small pictures and affix to toothpicks, and stick them into a cake.
  • Do a home spa day - bubbles bath, bath bombs, manis and pedis, facial masks and hairstyles.
  • Set up a picnic outdoors.

Friends and Family

  • Plan a Birthday Car Parade - friends and family can do a planned "Drive By" of your house, keeping a safe distance and offering birthday greetings, showing signs, honking horns and singing Happy Birthday.
  • Host a Zoom surprise party - gather the birthday star's friends in the chat room, then bring in your little one for a "Surprise!"
  • Plan for your child's friends to snail mail cards to your home ahead of time to share on the birthday.
  • Arrange for your child's friends to send photos in advance, and create a slide show to share on the big day.
  • Invite friends come over the day/night before with their own chalk to draw special birthday messages on the driveway.
  • Throw a virtual slumber party - kids can set up tents in their rooms with flashlights and treats, and then get together via House Party, Facebook, Google Hangouts or Zoom.

Support local businesses that offer Birthday Services

Got more virtual birthday resources or ideas? Feel free to post on our Chicago Kids Pandemic Parenting page!